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Our team is our family.  Having lost a loved one to an avalanche tragedy, we got together to create the Ian fund.  We have harnessed our love and grief to help other families who have experienced similar loss.  

Our History


 In 2013, Ian Lamphere died in an avalanche.  Three days prior to this tragic event, Ian told his fiance that he wanted to start a non-profit to benefit the children of avalanche victims. This statement was said out of the blue and without further discussion. This foreshadowing idea is both highly disturbing and intensely motivating. 

Our Mission


 The IAN fund is meant for all of the children who find themselves in the situation that Ian's daughter Madelyn finds herself in.  The money raised is designed to alleviate the stress surrounding a loved one's death, in whatever form is best suited for a particular child and family.  


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