SIA 2014 Recap

The SIA Snowsports convention was the Nest-egg’s first appearance in front of the snow sports industry. Our goal was to be recognized and have our story heard in the hopes that people and companies would help us to build awareness and eventually contribute financially to this very important cause. What we found in the four intensely busy days was that the snow sports community that Ian had been a part of with Stockli and Gecko is stronger than ever.

We are humbled by the amount of support, both emotional and financial that everyone from CEO’s to ski patrollers, to first responders, to fellow skiers and snowboarders were willing to show.  The level of commitment to the Nest-egg varied of course, but the take-home message was loud and clear: this non-profit is (unfortunately) vital to this community, and is worthy of attention from anyone and everyone having anything to do with the backcountry, whether you sell AT bindings, test beacons, or design brilliant clothing with which to travel into the backcountry with.  Every company we ended up speaking with was overwhelmed by the cause and so interested in how specifically they could be involved.

We are eager to share the many commitments as they are finalized.  It is with so much pride, and confidence, that I can safely say the Nest-egg is here to stay and we are just getting started.

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